What we do?



Production Homes

 A Production Home is about build houses, townhouses, condos, and rental properties on land that is owned by a building firm. Using stock plans, or plans developed by the real estate or building company, the Production Home Builder will construct a large number of homes each year. Colorado´s Drywall & Painting have worked over 14th years with different building companies in the State of South Carolina, keeping a high quality of work and the purposes of every company.

Custom, Semi-Custom Homes

Colorado´s have worked the drywall and the painting in different types of Custom Homes all around the State with total satisfaction from the costumers.

A custom home is one in which you work with an architect or designer to create a plan for a house that has never been built before.  Throughout the process, you design the layout and size of the rooms, and you select everything that goes into the house, from the type of flooring, to the fixtures, where the rooms are placed and how large they are.


Our job

Our job is to maintain the quality of our job and the trust from our costumers. Colorado´s Drywall & Painting put on your service all the efforts of our employees to do the best. Cause that is what we do. The best!